Marking World Mental Health Day, U.N. Secretary General, WHO Call For Improved Psychological Care In Post-Crisis Support

U.N. News Centre: On World Mental Health Day, Ban cites need of immediate support for post-crisis psychological distress
“Marking World Mental Health Day 2016, the United Nations has highlighted the importance of making mental health care available to everyone who needs it — with a focus this year on providing immediate support to those in psychological distress after a crisis. According to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, psychological distress takes many forms. ‘Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented wave of humanitarian emergencies linked to conflict and natural disasters,’ Mr. Ban said in his message on the day…” (10/10).

VOA News: Psychological First Aid Helps People Affected by Crisis
“The World Health Organization reports psychological first aid can provide a mental health life-line to people affected by crises, including war, natural disasters, or an individual trauma like a car crash. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, WHO is calling for first-line responders to emergencies, such as police and fire fighters, to be trained in this practical, helpful approach…” (Schlein, 10/10).