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Malaria No More To Employ Social Media In Upcoming Fundraising Campaign

The Financial Times profiles how Malaria No More is utilizing social media in its Power of One fundraising campaign to be launched later this year. The campaign will ask donors to contribute $1, the cost of a malaria diagnostic test and a pediatric course of treatment, according to the newspaper. “By tapping into the growing use of the mobile internet and drawing on web applications developed in politics and commerce, the organization hopes to influence a younger and web-savvy generation motivated by social causes,” the newspaper writes. “We’ve got a significant global funding gap to fill of $3.6 billion. Malaria is one of the best humanitarian investments we can make in the world. We want to create a $1 opportunity that is as ubiquitous and as frictionless as possible,” Malaria No More CEO Martin Edlund said, the newspaper notes (Jack, 5/30).