Maintaining U.S. Funding For Food Security Efforts Critical, USGLC Blog Post Says

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: Providing a 360-Degree Response to Food Insecurity and Conflict
Laura Mack, communications intern at the USGLC, discusses the food security crises in the Middle East and Africa and highlights the efforts of FHI 360, which receives U.S. funding, to address food security globally. Mack mentions the Trump administration’s proposed FY 2018 cuts to foreign assistance and concludes, “Organizations like FHI 360 recognize the complexities of solving global hunger and strive to design and implement innovative solutions as an investment for the future. But with the proposed cuts to USAID, millions in need across the globe could have the rug swept out from underneath them — losing the critical food and health assistance they depend on. It is important that research, programs, and public-private partnerships focused on human development continue to receive the resources necessary to empower communities worldwide” (6/29).