Local, Global Leaders Should Commit To Improving Public Health In Cities

Devex: Opinion: The future of public health lies in cities
Margaret Chan, WHO director general

“…On Nov. 21, more than 100 mayors from around the world issued the ‘Healthy Cities Consensus’ during the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion in Shanghai, China. Conference delegates, including around 40 government ministers and several heads of United Nations agencies, also released the ‘Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion.’ Both documents recognize the critical role cities play in promoting health and sustainable development. … With people in cities living in close quarters, there is a heightened risk of disease outbreaks. … The World Health Organization’s own ‘Healthy Cities’ project emphasizes how cities can be gateways for change for the rest of a country, and encourages cities to learn from each other. Huge change can begin with a single mayor. One hundred mayors is a strong start. I urge other mayors and leaders across the world to sign up to the Shanghai Consensus and, in doing so, to show their commitment to the future of their cities and to their people.” (12/1).