Liberia To Receive Experimental Drug To Treat Two Doctors With Ebola

News outlets report on Liberia’s announcement that it would receive sample doses of an experimental drug to treat two doctors infected with Ebola.

Associated Press: Liberian doctors to get experimental Ebola drug
“Liberia announced Monday that it would soon receive doses of an experimental Ebola drug and give it to two sick doctors, making them the first Africans to receive some of the scarce treatment in a spiraling outbreak…” (Paye-Layleh/Cheng, 8/11).

BBC: Liberia to receive ZMapp drug to treat Ebola virus
“Liberia will receive an untested experimental drug, ZMapp, to treat people infected with Ebola, the Liberian government says. The move came after a request to the U.S. from Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the government said…” (Ross, 8/12).

CNN: Experimental Ebola drug on its way to Liberia
“The government of Liberia says that sample doses of the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp will be sent there to treat doctors who have contracted the deadly virus. The White House and Food and Drug Administration approved the Liberian request for the drug to be made available to them…” (Cullinane, 8/12).

Reuters: Liberia to give two doctors trial drug, Ebola toll at 1,013
“Liberia said on Tuesday it would treat two infected doctors with the scarce experimental Ebola drug ZMapp, the first Africans to receive the treatment, while authorities in Spain said a 75-year-old priest had died of the disease…” (MacDougall/Flynn, 8/12).