Liberia Plans To Increase Hospital Beds For Ebola Patients While General Health Care System Suffers

News outlets report on Liberia’s plans to increase the number of hospital beds for Ebola patients, while the general health care system continues to weaken.

Agence France-Presse: Liberia to provide 1,000 Ebola beds in overwhelmed capital
“Liberia announced plans Sunday for a four-fold increase in beds for Ebola patients in its overwhelmed capital Monrovia, as U.S. troops arrived to help tackle the deadly epidemic…” (Dosso, 9/21).

Washington Post: With Ebola crippling the health system, Liberians die of routine medical problems
“While the terrifying spread of Ebola has captured the world’s attention, it also has produced a lesser-known crisis: the near-collapse of the already fragile health care system here, a development that may be as dangerous — for now — as the virus for the average Liberian…” (Bernstein, 9/20).