Liberia Needs Resilient Health System, Economy To Strengthen Nation Post-Ebola

Huffington Post: Bringing Resiliency and Normalcy to Ebola-Free Liberia
Jolene Mullins, Liberia country representative for Project Concern International (PCI)

“…Even with the significant achievements made to date, Liberia needs more health workers, supplies, resources, and infrastructure to protect against future outbreaks. Chaos has ended but rebuilding a country’s structure takes time, patience, and support. Surveillance, rapid response, and a referral system must be in place for an effective transition, as well as an Ebola isolation, care, and treatment system. … That requires not only a resilient health system, but a resilient economy. … Two months ago through USAID, PCI began distributing $50 per month in cash to the most vulnerable households impacted by Ebola. … This temporary ‘hand up’ can change a family’s future and the direction of a country. I’m seeing it first-hand. Liberians are resilient people, and our investment in them will lead to a strengthened nation and region…” (8/24).