Liberia Can End Ebola By June If Correct Measures Taken, Study Shows

News outlets discuss a study published in PLOS Biology presenting a model showing how Liberia could end Ebola by June 2015.

Agence France-Presse: Ebola could end in Liberia by June
“Liberia, the African nation at the center of world’s deadliest Ebola outbreak, could see an end to the epidemic by June if 85 percent of sick people get hospital care, U.S. researchers said Tuesday…” (1/13).

VOA News: New Study Suggests End of Ebola in Liberia by June
“…[John Drake, a professor at the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia and lead author of the report,] said the model used took into account variables such as how many patients are hospitalized and how many health care workers are infected, rates of transmission from funerals where the corpses of victims are touched, and the relative effectiveness of Ebola control measures…” (Butty, 1/14).