Warming Climate Could Increase Risk Of Ebola Outbreaks In Previously Unaffected Areas, Study Shows

CNN: Climate crisis raises risk of more Ebola outbreaks
“The climate crisis is going to raise the risk that Ebola will spread farther and reach areas previously unaffected by the virus, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications. The study found that the climate crisis will bring a 1.75- to 3.2-fold increase in the rate at which the deadly virus spills over from animals to humans by 2070…” (Christensen, 10/15).

The Verge: New computer model predicts where Ebola might strike next
“Predicting where Ebola might strike next could become easier, thanks to a new computer model. The model tracks how changes in the environment and in human societies could affect the deadly virus’s spread. … The model could eventually be used to figure out where to vaccinate people before an outbreak has a chance to take hold, or it could allow a government to take measures at borders where sick travelers might spread the disease, David Redding, a lead author of the study published [Tuesday] in Nature Communications, tells The Verge…” (Calma, 10/15).