Letters To Editor Discuss Ways To Address Global Antimicrobial Resistance

The Guardian: Letters: Ways to step up the fight against global antimicrobial resistance
Margaret Batty, director of global policy and campaigns at WaterAid, and Matt Ball, senior media relations specialist at the Good Food Institute

“…World decision-makers must acknowledge the pivotal role that water, sanitation, and hygiene play in preventing infection and reducing the spread of resistant pathogens, before the next global health crisis hits. Investment in all three elements of water, sanitation, and hygiene must be prioritized and coordinated with other efforts to address the rise of antimicrobial resistance, globally, nationally, and locally…” (Batty, 3/29).

“Your report makes a strong case for concern about the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. But it ignores the elephant in the room … The developed world still uses a lot more antibiotics than developing countries, and the vast majority of these are fed to animals on factory farms. … Moving quickly to plant-based and clean meat is the best thing we can do to avoid pandemics of antibiotic-resistant superbugs” (Ball, 3/29).