Lawyers, Academics Urge U.N. To Deliver Aid In Syria Without Government Consent

Newspapers report on an open letter from lawyers and academics urging the U.N. to deliver aid without the Syrian government’s consent.

The Guardian: Syria: U.N. urged to defy Assad on aid or risk lives of hundreds of thousands
“The lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians are at stake because of the U.N.’s ‘overly cautious’ interpretation of its mandate to deliver humanitarian aid, a group of more than 30 of the world’s top legal experts claims…” (Borger, 4/28).

New York Times: Lawyers Say U.N. Aid Does Not Need Syria’s Consent
“United Nations agencies and other charitable organizations do not need the permission of the Syrian government to deliver humanitarian relief to civilians trapped in the fighting and destruction from the three-year-old civil war there, a group of international lawyers and academics argued in an open letter released on Monday…” (Sengupta, 4/28).