Lancet Infectious Diseases Creates Commission To Address Antibiotic Resistance

“A crisis looms. In the very near and rapidly approaching future, the wonder-drugs of the 20th century, antibiotics, may cease to be useful,” a Lancet Infectious Diseases editorial states. “Against this bleak backdrop, the global activities of Antibiotic Awareness Week, starting November 18, seek to draw attention to a dire situation that threatens to take us back to a preantibiotic era,” according to the editorial. “For our part, the Lancet Infectious Diseases launches a Commission, entitled ‘Antibiotic resistance — the need for global solutions,'” the editorial notes, adding, “[T]he Commission explores why antibiotic resistance has become such a problem worldwide, and, most importantly, proposes solutions to avert the impending crisis.” The editorial describes the topics the Commission will highlight, and it concludes, “To maintain and build on current interest, antibiotic resistance should feature prominently in discussions of post-2015 development goals. We hope that the Commission will provide encouragement that, although the picture is bleak, there is hope” (December 2013). The current issue of the Lancet Infectious Diseases contains several articles addressing antibiotic resistance (December 2013).