Kerry Says Humanitarian Situation In Yemen Deteriorating; Saudi Arabia Considers Pause In Bombing Campaign For Supply Deliveries

IRIN: Fuel shortage leads to Yemen hospital shutdowns
“…Doctors are operating in the dark, while vital medical supplies are lacking … On Monday, the Saudi government said it was considering backing humanitarian pauses, but it was also announced that Senegal would send over 2,000 troops to support a much-threatened ground invasion. The result of the bombing campaign and trade blockages has been a growing humanitarian crisis…” (Mojalli, 5/5).

New York Times: Aid Needs in Yemen Are Dire, Kerry Says
“Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that a humanitarian crisis in Yemen was growing ‘more dire by the day’ and that he would discuss plans with officials in Saudi Arabia to halt the Saudi-led bombing campaign in order to allow the delivery of food, medicine, and other aid…” (Fahim, 5/6).