IRC Report Examines Funding To Address Gender-Based Violence In Crisis Settings; IRC President Calls For ‘Feminist Approach’ To Humanitarian Efforts

International Rescue Committee: New International Rescue Committee Report: Less than $2 of help for each woman or girl at risk of gender-based violence
“It is estimated that less than $2 in gender-based violence (GBV) services is allocated to each woman or girl at risk of GBV on average in crisis and conflict settings, according to new research by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Voice, released [Monday]. ‘Where’s the Money? How the Humanitarian System is Failing to Fund an End of Violence Against Women and Girls’ found that violence against women and girls accounts for just 0.12% of all international humanitarian funding…” (6/10).

International Rescue Committee: “Next steps in the drive for gender equality in crisis settings: How a feminist approach can help” — Speech by The Rt Hon David Miliband President and CEO, International Rescue Committee
In remarks at the Georgetown University Institute for Women, Peace and Security, International Rescue Committee CEO David Miliband discussed challenges to advancing gender equality in crisis settings and ways in which the IRC is working to address these challenges, including through a feminist lens. Miliband said, “[W]e cannot be a truly successful humanitarian organization, defined by the outcomes achieved by and for our beneficiaries, until we are a feminist organization, with equality between our staff, opportunities and barriers for them never defined by their gender, and understanding of inequalities of power and what needs to be done to overcome them driving our programs externally. … [T]ackling inequalities of power that women and girls face is not a diversion from our mission; it is central to its achievement…” (6/10).