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IPS Interviews IFRC’s Chatterjee About Global Polio Response

Noting “Africa and Pakistan are now battling outbreaks of polio, threatening the extraordinary progress the world has made in fighting the almost-extinct disease,” Inter Press Service interviews Siddharth Chatterjee — who “has served as the chief diplomat, head of strategic partnerships and international relations at the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies [IFRC], the world’s largest humanitarian network, since June 2011” — about the global polio response. According to the interview transcript, Chatterjee examines the causes of the current outbreaks, discusses some of the obstacles to eradication, and reflects on the response of the international community, among other issues. He says, “The international community has been awesome, and frankly without their support we would not have got this far in our fight against polio,” according to the transcript (Shen, 9/3).