Investment In TB, Malaria, HIV Treatment And Prevention, Health Systems Saves Lives

The Guardian: Ebola kills far fewer than AIDS, TB, and malaria. What should we prioritize?
Bjorn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School

“…It may sound cold-hearted to set health priorities based on cost-effectiveness, but it’s actually the best way to do the most good in the world with limited resources. … Health is a big topic, and we’ve had the perspectives of five expert groups plus a number of commentaries. The case they make for tackling killer diseases is a strong one. … In the health sector, we are spoilt for choice of good projects to spend money efficiently — and transform people’s lives. Now it’s up to the world’s governments to look at the evidence and make good choices on priorities for the next fifteen years. The lives of millions of people depend on it” (1/19).