International Food Security ‘Is Clearly In The U.S. National Interest’

Huffington Post: In the Field With CARE in Central America
Dan Glickman, senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center

“…[A]t its core, agriculture policy is about making sure that people, in the United States and abroad, can grow or afford enough nutritious food for themselves and their families. … Foreign assistance is much maligned in the U.S., especially in periods of fiscal constraint. It is a shame that foreign aid’s detractors do not understand that it is clearly in the U.S. national interest to improve economic conditions and reduce violence in countries like Guatemala and Honduras. If everyone could grasp the work being done by socially responsible corporations like Cargill investing in microenterprise, NGOs like CARE improving economic, education or health opportunities for women, or traditional USAID-style investments in development then they would understand it is an awe inspiring testament to the nation’s cherished values of hard work, betterment and compassion” (5/1).