International Development Community Must Continue To Prioritize Compassion In Work

The Guardian: Does Trump’s election mark the end of compassion in aid?
Deborah Doane, writer and consultant on international development and sustainability

“It comes as no surprise that a further victim will emerge from Donald Trump’s victory in this week’s U.S. election. Aside from climate change, migrants, and refugees, foreign aid will suffer. The world’s largest donor — in absolute terms, if not as a share of GNP — can be expected to put a final nail in the coffin of compassion for those beyond its borders. … The international development community needs to get noisy and move away from the center ground. It needs to be willing to sacrifice short-term income potential in favor of aligning with social movements that can rebuild compassion … To invoke lasting compassion, we need to inspire compassion and that doesn’t come through meekness. … The only thing that will work in the face of a Trump-Brexit world is building solidarity and love for others and shouting it from the rooftops. Fortunately, those who work in development have that in spades, and now is the time to tap into our less rational instincts. It’s time to base everything we do on reminding ourselves that compassion is our currency. No more. No less” (11/11).