International Congress, Lancet Commission Aim To Take Action On Adolescent Health

The Lancet: The next phase for adolescent health: from talk to action
Editorial Board

“Close to 1,000 delegates from more than 65 countries are expected in New Delhi, India, on Oct 27-29, for the 11th World Congress of the International Association for Adolescent Health — a doubling of participants compared with the last conference four years ago. … In many countries, high-income included, technical expertise in adolescent health is still lacking. So, capacity building — in LMICs in particular — is a very important step to take in parallel with country-level policy action. Young people themselves are a vital part of this capacity building and need to feel empowered, equipped, and motivated to join the discussions. … The new Lancet Standing Commission, led by George Patton, will convene in Delhi and aims to take these next steps to provide the impetus and momentum to move from global talk to global and country-level action. Adolescents’ and young people’s future is now” (10/28).