International Community Should Take Action In First 1,000 Days Of SDGs To Ensure No One ‘Left Behind’

The Guardian: We must act fast on the global goals, or risk leaving the poorest behind
Elizabeth Stuart, research fellow and team leader on the Sustainable Development Goals at the Overseas Development Institute

“…Using current progress on key indicators, [new research] shows just how much harder it will be to reach some of the most relevant goals and targets [of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] if action is delayed. We conclude that if no action is taken in the first 1,000 days of the SDGs — in other words, in the first three years up to September 2018 — then governments risk leaving people behind and failing to achieve certain goals altogether. … So the message is clear: early action is both necessary and possible. What we need is another follow-up moment in 2018 — a high-level summit to review progress, to ensure that ‘leave no one behind’ does not itself get left behind” (7/11).