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International Community Should Invest In Foreign Aid

The Guardian: As a doctor in Sudan, let me tell you: foreign aid saves lives
Tom Catena, doctor in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

“…Countries that should be at the forefront of efforts to prevent catastrophes such as famine and to relieve the effects of drought on some of the world’s poorest people are turning a blind eye. This sends a worrying message that leading economies are no longer interested in being part of efforts to mitigate suffering. … Foreign aid has become a politically divisive issue. People assume the money is misspent, wasted on bureaucracy, or that foreign aid just doesn’t work. Of course, the system is far from perfect. … Nonetheless, in the short term, I see what a positive impact humanitarian aid can have. … There are people doing incredible work around the world every day to help preserve human life. … The international community must provide the resources to help us better serve the people who need our services. At a time when famine is reaching a crisis point in parts of Africa, and countless children are dying of starvation, the need for support from the world’s richest nations is even more critical” (5/27).