International Community Must Work Together To Eradicate Hunger, All Forms Of Malnutrition

Inter Press Service: Only Acting Together Can We Stop the Rise in Malnutrition
Julio Berdegué, FAO regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean; Carissa F. Etienne, director of PAHO; Marita Perceval, director of UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean; and Miguel Barreto, WFP regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean

“The number of undernourished people increased for the third consecutive year in Latin America and the Caribbean. … This year’s edition [of the Panorama of food and nutrition security in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018] focuses on inequality, a fundamental issue for the region. … Without addressing inequality in food security and nutrition, we will not be able to fulfill the commitment we have adopted to leave no one behind, established in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. … It is possible to change the current course of the region to accelerate progress towards the goal of eradicating hunger and all forms of malnutrition … For this, what we need most is to recover greater political commitment with the eradication of hunger and all forms of malnutrition. … Together we must think of ways for all the actors of the food system to act more responsibly with society and the environment … Together we can build food systems that ensure adequate food in the present and in the future. Together we can guarantee a healthy life for all and become the zero hunger generation” (11/8).