International Community Must Reverse Decline In Aid To LDCs To Eradicate Extreme Poverty By 2030

The Guardian: The aid pie is growing, but the poorest countries get a smaller slice
Adrian Lovett, Europe executive director at ONE

“…It is especially dangerous to be cutting aid to [least developed countries (LDCs)] just as the new global goals for sustainable development kick off. This is supposed to be the year when the fight against extreme poverty gets a turbo boost, to set us on track to eradicate it by 2030. World leaders committed to this at the U.N. last year … [and] also recognized the need to focus international aid, pledging to reverse the decline in aid to LDCs. Instead, they appear to be doing the opposite. They should start by pledging half of aid to LDCs. These countries have the fewest resources to lift themselves out of poverty, and the greatest need, and will require significant external support for some time to come. Donor countries must target their aid to the world’s poorest. Only then will we stand a chance of reaching the lofty goals leaders agreed to last year, goals that billions of people are counting on” (1/7).