International Community Must Provide More Funding, Effort To Stop Boko Haram In Nigeria

New York Times: Savaged by Boko Haram
Editorial Board

“…[I]t is good that the singer Bono and the United Nations are seeking to draw attention to the havoc still being spread by Boko Haram, the Islamist group that has been savaging northeastern Nigeria for seven years. … Reports from Bono’s organization, the ONE campaign, and other aid agencies depict a region in terrible straits. … Yet the United Nations office that coordinates humanitarian affairs said that by mid-September it had collected only a quarter of the $739 million it needs for the region. … [The] fight will not be won unless the misery that Boko Haram generates, and on which it feeds, is also alleviated. [Nigeria] President Buhari must do far more to combat graft and provide jobs and services in the afflicted regions. And it is critical that countries open their wallets, and that this terrible suffering not be forgotten” (9/30).