U.K. Pledges Additional £200M Over 5 Years To Prevent Famine, Restore Infrastructure, Fight Boko Haram In Northeast Nigeria

CNN: U.K. government doubles Nigerian aid package to help fight Boko Haram
“The United Kingdom reinforced its commitment to Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram on Wednesday, through continued counterterrorism training, military support, and an expanded humanitarian aid package…” (Robertson, 8/31).

The Guardian: U.K. government unveils £200m in aid to help fight Boko Haram in Nigeria
“…On Wednesday, [U.K. International Development Secretary Priti] Patel announced an extended five-year package of help, costing an extra £200m, to prevent 1.5 million people lapsing into famine and help keep a 100,000 boys and girls in education. The development secretary’s package also includes the restoration of key infrastructure and services in the northeast of the country…” (Wintour, 8/30).