Global Community Must Invest In Syria’s Health Care Workers, System

The Guardian: We must not let Syria’s health service fail
Rola Hallam, medical director for Hand in Hand for Syria, and Donna McKay, executive director of Physicians for Human Rights

“…As world leaders meet this week in London to address the spiraling refugee crisis, stopping the wholesale destruction of Syria’s medical system should be squarely on the agenda. … The international community must jump-start a system to assess and temporarily license qualified Syrian health professionals to care for refugee patients in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Donors … must invest in new medical centers and support existing ones where Syrian medics can serve their own people. They must also invest in the host countries’ medical education programs … so that Syrian students forced to cut short their studies before graduation can complete their health qualifications elsewhere. … Salvaging Syria’s medical system is not only good for Syria; it’s good for the health of the region and the rest of the world too…” (2/2).