International Community Must Hold Angola’s President Accountable For Nation’s Poor Child Health

New York Times: Deadliest Country For Kids
Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist

“[Angola] is a country laden with oil, diamonds, Porsche-driving millionaires, and toddlers starving to death. New UNICEF figures show this well-off but corrupt African nation is ranked No. 1 in the world in the rate at which children die before the age of five. … Angola is a nation of infuriating contradictions. … Under the corrupt and autocratic president, José Eduardo dos Santos, who has ruled for 35 years, billions of dollars flow to a small elite — as kids starve. … It may get worse. With falling oil prices, the government has proposed a one-third cut in the health budget this year. … As a result, 150,000 Angolan children die annually. Let’s hold dos Santos accountable and recognize that extreme corruption and negligence can be something close to a mass atrocity” (3/19).