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International Community Must Continue To Work Together To End Female Genital Mutilation

U.S. News & World Report: Stop the Silence
Jaha Dukureh, founder and executive director of Safe Hands for Girls

“…For the first time ever, the international community is standing up [against female genital mutilation and cutting]. This December we hosted the historic End Violence Against Girls: Summit on female genital mutilation in the District of Columbia. The gathering brought together more than 200 activists, ambassadors, diplomats, religious leaders, and lawmakers from around the world. … As a new year of activism begins, we must continue to foster these important connections between countries, activists, and organizations on the front lines of this change. … Women and men around the world must come together and declare, once and for all, that female genital mutilation is unacceptable and that we will not let another woman endure it.  … The summit was the first in a series of galvanizing moments, lead by millennials, that are changing cultures around the world and ensuring that every child — boy or girl — can grow up free from harm, from hate, and from violence” (1/24).