Innovators Should Actively Engage, Partner With Government To Improve Health

Forbes: The Future Of Healthcare Innovation And Why Government Matters
Bill Frist, former U.S. Senate majority leader and chair of Hope Through Healing Hands

“Why do politics matter to health? Because government, when focused, can do incredible things to move our health forward. … [For example, the] global impact of the bipartisan PEPFAR program in terms of health, safety, and security, is nothing short of miraculous. And it would not have happened without the leadership of those we elect to go to Washington. … [L]et’s not forget how our federal government — and whom we choose to lead us — can radically improve our health and well-being by providing the framework and resources, and exercising the leadership, to spur innovation. … I will always believe that our most innovative, creative, groundbreaking solutions to the health system’s needs and challenges will come from the private sector, but government more often than not provides the enabling framework. Thus we as innovators should continue to actively engage those who lead our government. Let’s work with government as an ally and partner in improving the health and well-being of Americans” (11/6).