Inexpensive Oral Cholera Vaccine Could Reduce Disease Burden, Help Control Spread In Urban Areas, Study Shows

News outlets discuss findings from a study evaluating the use of an oral cholera vaccine published in The Lancet.

Agence France-Presse: Cholera vaccine works in real-life trial: study
“A cheap, oral vaccine provided ‘significant’ protection against cholera in a real-life trial in Bangladesh, where the disease kills thousands every year, scientists reported on Thursday…” (7/8).

New York Times: Promise Is Seen in an Inexpensive Cholera Vaccine
“…A major study published on Wednesday in The Lancet found that the vaccine gave individuals more than 50 percent protection against cholera and reduced life-threatening episodes of the infection by about 40 percent in Bangladesh, where the disease has persisted for centuries…” (McNeil, 7/8).

Reuters: Oral cholera vaccine could speed control efforts, trial finds
“…In the first real-life trial of the vaccine, called Shanchol and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), researchers said it proved safe, easy to administer, and relatively inexpensive at $1.85 per dose…” (Kelland, 7/8).

VOA News: Cholera Vaccine Could Speed Up Global Control Efforts
“…Lead author Dr. Firdausi Qadri said the ‘findings show that a routine oral cholera vaccination program in cholera-endemic countries could substantially reduce the burden of disease and greatly contribute to cholera control efforts’…” (Pearson, 7/8).