India’s Supreme Court Lays Foundation For LGBT Rights In Country

New York Times: A Win for LGBT Rights in India
Editorial Board

“…[In India,] the recent groundbreaking, unanimous decision of the country’s top court to overturn a colonial-era ban on consensual gay sex was a welcome affirmation of human dignity. … [T]here is still much work to do, and one can assume a cultural backlash as gay people in India seek to exercise their newfound freedoms. … Given the court’s sweeping and principled assertion that fundamental rights apply to all Indians, regardless of sexual orientation, activists have made clear their intention to push for the other rights they are denied, including to marry, adopt children, be protected from hate speech, and inherit their partner’s wealth. … India’s Supreme Court laid that foundation, and has offered renewed hope in the power of democratic institutions to ensure that all people enjoy equal protection under the law” (9/20).