Ugandan Supreme Court Ruling In Health Rights Case Could Lead To Improvement Of Maternal Health Services In Country

The Guardian: Real justice could finally be delivered in Uganda by key ruling on maternal health
Asia Russell, executive director of Health GAP

“…The [Ugandan] supreme court’s ruling on 30 October was a unanimous decision to overturn the constitutional court’s dismissal of [a 2011 case in which theĀ Ugandan government was sued over the deaths of two women during childbirth]. In their ruling, the justices concluded that the constitutional court had erred when it argued that it had no mandate to consider the health rights case, and that, according to the remarks of Chief Justice Katureebe, the constitutional court is required to determine whether the Ugandan government took all measures to provide maternal health services. Now the constitutional court must hear the case on its merits. … Depending on the outcome of the case, the constitutional court will have the opportunity to order the government to implement consequential, life saving remedies for poor Ugandan women and for a public health sector that has virtually collapsed due to neglect…” (11/2).