India’s Landmark New Legislation Banning Discrimination Against People With HIV Criticized For Loopholes On Treatment, Requirements For Enforcement

CNN: India to ban discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS
“India has passed a landmark bill which aims to ensure equal rights for those living with HIV/AIDS. The HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, passed by the country’s parliament on Tuesday, will make it illegal to discriminate against people living with and affected by HIV. It is the first of its kind in South Asia, and will make India the largest country in the world to ban this kind of discrimination…” (Suri, 4/12).

The Guardian: India takes flawed first step towards ending HIV and AIDS prejudice
“A landmark law banning discrimination against people living with HIV in India has sparked criticism, with one lawyer claiming the legislation could turn back the clock on tackling the virus to the mid-1990s. … [T]here has been opposition to a requirement that all state governments must establish an ombudsman to investigate violations of the new law, while a stipulation that the government must provide free treatment ‘as far as possible’ has also met with resistance…” (Dhillon, 4/13).