India’s Innovations To Address Menstruation Offer Lessons For U.S.

New York Times: Menstruation Innovation: Lessons from India
Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, vice president for development at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law

“…In the quest to address issues of menstrual health and hygiene … most of the ingenuity and innovation has been spearheaded in the developing world, where millions can’t access sanitary products … In fact, India — where only 12 percent of women in India use sanitary products — offers many lessons that can be adapted here in the United States. … The slew of period-focused news spiraling the Internet — what I’ve come to refer to as 2015’s Menstruation Sensation — stands in contrast to how little is being done to meet the menstrual needs of poor women here at home. … Women in America, and around the globe, deserve a comprehensive and innovative policy agenda that addresses the very real crisis of menstrual hygiene management” (9/1).