Indian Health Officials To Review Study Findings Showing H1N1 Swine Flu Mutations

IANS/Zee News: MIT swine flu report to be studied: Indian experts
“A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) report claiming that the swine flu virus in India may have mutated and become severely infectious needs to be studied thoroughly before being accepted, Indian health experts said on Thursday…” (3/12).

Reuters: India, U.S. researchers clash over swine flu strain mutation
“India has disputed U.S. scientists’ findings that the deadly swine flu virus has acquired more virulent mutations in the South Asian country and rejected their concerns over how authorities are monitoring an outbreak of the disease…” (Kalra, 3/13).

Washington Post: Study: India’s swine flu virus may have mutated into more dangerous strain
“…Indian health officials have maintained that the swine flu (H1N1) virus they have seen with this outbreak is the same as what emerged in 2009 and has since been seen around the world…” (Gowen, 3/12).