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India To Be Declared Polio-Free At End of March

News outlets report on the WHO’s plan to declare India as polio-free at the end of the month.

CNN: India beats the odds, beats polio
“… On March 27, the World Health Organization will formally announce the end of polio in India and proclaim another one of its global regions — Southeast Asia — free of the disease. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria are the only three countries that have not eradicated polio, leaving the Eastern Mediterranean and Africa the last two WHO regions with the disease…” (Basu, 3/22).

The Lancet: India after polio
“India has not seen a new case of poliomyelitis for three years, but can the lessons learned and infrastructure built for its eradication be co-opted for other health goals. … On Jan. 13, 2014, India marked three years since its last new case of poliomyelitis. WHO is expected to certify the entire southeast Asia region as polio-free by the end of March — a testament to India’s achievement…” (Burki, April 2014).