India Should Tackle Malnutrition Through Investments In Education, Researchers Say

The Guardian: Tackling malnutrition in India: the role of higher education
Tanusree Paul, research associate at Public Health Foundation of India, and Shweta Khandelwal, research scientist at the Public Health Foundation of India

“…One of the biggest, but broadly overlooked factors contributing to India’s nutrition problem is that people are not encouraged to study nutrition, so there is a lack of institutional knowledge and training available to promote understanding…” Preliminary research done at the Public Health Foundation of India “revealed a lack of attention to research, policy, or social determinants and an overemphasis on food science, clinical, and therapeutic nutrition…” Paul and Khandelwal suggest that “[t]o see meaningful and positive changes in the country’s health profile, academic training and human resource generation needs to be complemented with political will, committed funds, equity, and multi-sectoral health promotion programs” (1/20).