India Out Of Pediatric TB Medicines, HIV Testing Kits, MSF Warns

“India’s public health system has run out of life-saving tuberculosis medicines for children and critical testing kits for AIDS patients, causing an outcry among patient groups who warn that the shortages could cost lives and worsen problems of drug resistance,” the Financial Times reports. “Leena Menghaney, Médecins Sans Frontières [MSF] project manager for the campaign for access to essential medicines, said frontline treatment centers in many parts of India were without the TB drugs and AIDS testing kits they needed,” the newspaper writes, adding, “A health ministry spokesman said he was not authorized to comment on the shortages” and “[o]ther senior ministry officials did not return phone calls.” The Financial Times writes, “Experts say health ministry officials apparently failed to ensure timely orders for the supplies, placing many lives at risk,” noting, “Delhi has now placed an emergency order for the pediatric TB medications, which it hopes to have by the end of the month” (Kazmin, 7/10).