India Moves To Lower Costs Associated With HIV Drugs, Tests; MSF Urges Nation Not To ‘Cave’ To Trade Agreement Pressure

Reuters: India scraps import duties on AIDS drugs to battle shortage
“India has scrapped customs import duties for drugs and test kits used to treat AIDS in an effort to cut prices across the country, as it struggles to cope with an ongoing shortage in its national program to fight the disease. … [T]he drugs under exemption make up roughly 95 percent of the antiretrovirals used by India’s AIDS patients under the national program…” (Siddiqui, 6/11).

Reuters: MSF urges India not to ‘cave to pressure’ on affordable drugs
“Charity Médecins Sans Frontières appealed to India on Thursday not to give in to pressure from Europe, the United States, and Japan to make it easier for big firms to get patents in the country, potentially blocking the production of cheap generics…” (Siddiqui, 6/11).