India Bans Condom Advertisements During Primetime Television

The Guardian: India bans condom adverts during primetime TV
“India has banned television adverts for condoms during primetime hours, citing rules against content that ‘endangers the safety of children’ and promotes ‘unhealthy practices.’ The information and broadcasting ministry ordered the country’s estimated 900 television channels to restrict condom commercials to between 10pm and 6am to avoid children seeing them…” (Safi, 12/12).

New York Times: India Bans Condom Ads From Prime-Time TV
“…But progressive social groups said this was a bad move. India, they argue, desperately needs more condom use, not less. The country’s population currently stands around 1.3 billion, and within the next decade India is expected to pass China and become the world’s most populous nation. The government has spent huge amounts of money trying to control the meteoric population growth, incentivizing vasectomies and other forms of birth control. But the rate of condom use is still low — less than six percent among those who use contraceptives…” (Gettleman/Raj, 12/12).