Income Inequality Major Contributor To Vector-Borne Diseases Like Zika

Huffington Post: Zika’s Dirty Secret? Income Inequality
Bruce Farber, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at North Shore University Hospital and LIJ Medical Center

“…When a disease is borne by mosquitoes, you can expect to see it occur more frequently in areas where mosquitoes are common, which, frequently, means neighborhood[s] where used tires are piled up in the street, or where stagnant water stands by untreated, or where sanitary conditions are subpar. Most Americans are fortunate enough to enjoy healthier, safer environments, but many in other parts of the world routinely fall victim to treatable diseases … [V]iruses like Zika are largely the result of income inequality. The issue is a central one to the contemporary American political debate, but when it comes to global public health, partisans of all ideological stripes should easily agree to come together and solve problems quickly, effectively, and affordably. … Because we live in a truly globalized world, … we should support efforts — both by governmental bodies and non-profit organizations — to address income inequality’s deadliest aspect by doing whatever we can to keep as many people as possible free from the filth and misery that breed disease. It’s a major effort, but one wholly within our reach” (10/6).