Innovative Financing Required To Reduce Preventable Child Deaths

Devex: Development impact bonds could be part of the solution to financing child survival
Andrew Wainer, director of policy research for Save the Children

“…This summer, the U.S. Senate took an initial step toward tapping into new development funding through the introduction of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015. The bill — introduced by Sens. Susan Collins, Republican from Maine, and Chris Coons, Democrat from Delaware — requires the administration to develop an innovative financing framework that leverages financing from the private sector, among other sources. … In addition to the framework mandated by the Collins-Coons bill, the U.S. Agency for International Development recently launched a child and maternal health financing framework in which [development impact bonds (DIBs)] play a significant role. The Reach Every Mother and Child Act legislation would codify this framework. … USAID’s new framework and the introduction of the Collins-Coons bill are hopeful signs that the U.S. government is embracing new approaches and tools required by the changing development finance landscape and the world’s ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” (9/4).