Improved Food Storage, Transport Can Help Reduce Global Food Waste

The Guardian: Roads, railways and research can stop global food waste
Bjørn Lomborg, adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School and founder and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center

“One-quarter of all the food in the world is lost each year, owing to inefficient harvesting, inadequate storage, and wastage in the kitchen. Halve that waste, and the world could feed an extra billion people — and make hunger yesterday’s problem. … There are many remedies for [pre-consumer food] waste — from the ‘curing’ of roots and tubers to minimize damage, to more expensive refrigeration. So why aren’t these technologies — widely used in richer countries — adopted in the developing world? The answer is a lack of infrastructure. … Hunger is a complex problem, exacerbated by financial pressures, volatile commodity prices, natural disasters, and civil wars. But we could take an enormous step toward winning the global campaign against malnutrition, simply by investing in improved infrastructure and in agricultural research and development” (6/24).