Global Agriculture And Food Security Program, German Leadership Can Help Address Hunger, Climate Change, Bob Geldof Writes

The Guardian: How do we feed the world without destroying the planet?
Bob Geldof, Irish singer, songwriter, author, and political activist

“…The increase in global hunger is in part triggered by the climate emergency. … At the same time food production is a major cause of climate change, whether it be the methane gas production of cows or the tearing down of forests to grow crops. So, humanity faces a profound challenge. How do we feed the world without destroying it? … The German government aims to catalyze the global response. Next June it will host an international event to push for action to boost agriculture and tackle hunger in low-income countries, while staying within the environmental boundaries that our planet can cope with. … The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, which we successfully fought for alongside President Obama, will be critical. It has resulted in a decade of experience in encouraging increased impact from the international system in exactly the way we need. In the face of the dual challenges of climate change and hunger, it is perhaps more relevant today than at its inception…” (10/16).