If Properly Used, Widely Distributed, Tranexamic Acid Can Reduce Maternal Deaths From Postpartum Hemorrhage

Thomson Reuters Foundation: We have the right medicine — now we need the commitment
Toyin Ojora Saraki, founder and president of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa

“…Tranexamic acid has the potential to create radical, irreversible change in the field of global midwifery and maternal care[; in a recently published large study it was shown to reduce maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhage by 30 percent.] … We have the knowledge, now we need the commitment. The world can ignore the dire state of the world’s midwifery no longer. Gaping disparities between rich and poor countries present both the challenge, and the steadfast drive, to strive for better outcomes for women … Immediate and widespread distribution of tranexamic acid is undoubtedly a step in the right direction but this needs to be met with a greater commitment from governments to boost maternal health outcomes. … It is my hope that the ground-breaking tranexamic acid will mark a new era in maternal care around the globe, and that its positive impact can be matched, through heightened investment and commitment to the cause. The drug provides hope — now we must follow through” (6/5).