IAEA Symposium Focuses On Double Burden Of Malnutrition; New Nutrition Resources Launched

International Atomic Energy Agency: Toward a Healthier Future: IAEA Symposium on the Double Burden of Malnutrition Concludes
Nicole Jawerth of the IAEA Office of Public Information and Communication highlights topics addressed at the International Symposium on Understanding the Double Burden of Malnutrition for Effective Interventions, which took place last week, writing, “Symposium discussions, presentations, and poster sessions involved a comprehensive and in-depth look at combating malnutrition from five angles: epidemiology, biology, assessment, interventions, and policy implications.” Jawerth also highlights two new nutrition resources launched last week: an IAEA database aimed at mitigating the obesity crisis and the 2018 Global Nutrition Report (12/17).