Hearsay, Mistrust Inhibit DRC Ebola Response, Study Shows, As Number Of Cases Continues To Grow

Agence France-Presse: Health worker mistrust worsening DR Congo Ebola outbreak: study
“Hearsay and mistrust in health workers may have thwarted attempts to contain Ebola during the current outbreak of the deadly disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, researchers said Wednesday…” (3/28).

CIDRAP News: As Ebola rages in DRC, survey highlights wide mistrust
“The Ebola total in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) grew by 14 [Thursday], amid a fragile security situation in an outbreak region that is still experiencing sporadic violence and pockets of mistrust, according to the latest updates…” (Schnirring, 3/28).

Devex: In Ebola-hit DRC, wins and challenges of community engagement
“…There have been 964 confirmed cases of Ebola out of 1,029, and 577 confirmed deaths out of 642 in Ituri and North Kivu provinces since the start of the outbreak, as of March 27, according to DRC’s Ministry of Health. At present, 239 suspected cases are under investigation. Security has been a particular challenge in containing the outbreak, and mistrust amongst the community has added to the task…” (Ravelo, 3/28).

The Telegraph: One in four people in Ebola-affected areas believe disease is fake
“…The survey, in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, underlines how much public mistrust authorities such as the World Health Organization and the DRC ministry of health are up against in their efforts to control the disease. Experts have been struggling to bring the epidemic in the North Kivu region of DRC to a close since it emerged last August…” (Gulland, 3/28).