Health Officials Record Ebola Cases In Sierra Leone’s Last Healthy District

News outlets report health officials have detected Ebola cases in the last untouched district in Sierra Leone.

Associated Press: Ebola comes to last safe district in Sierra Leone
“The deadly Ebola virus has infected two people in what was the last untouched district in Sierra Leone, the government said Thursday, a setback in efforts to stop the spread of the disease in one of the hardest-hit countries…” (Roy-Macaulay/Schemm, 10/16).

Reuters: Ebola spreads to last healthy district in Sierra Leone
“…[D]isease surveillance officer Abdul K. Sesay said two of six samples taken from the village of Fankoya, where suspicious deaths had been recorded, tested positive on Wednesday. ‘We have tightened surveillance around the area and are investigating … how the two confirmed cases might have contracted the disease,’ said Sesay…” (Fofana, 10/16).