Health Officials In DRC Again Suspend Ebola Response Efforts Following Deadly Rebel Attack

Associated Press: Deadly attack amid Ebola outbreak stalls containment efforts
“Congolese rebels killed 15 civilians and abducted a dozen children in an attack at the epicenter of the latest deadly Ebola outbreak, Congo’s military said Sunday, as the violence again forced crucial virus-containment efforts to be suspended. ‘It will be very hard to stop the outbreak if this violence continues,’ said the World Health Organization’s emergencies chief, Peter Salama. A regional WHO official told the Associated Press that it was difficult to say how long work would be affected…” (Maliro/Anna, 10/21).

Reuters: U.S. official optimistic Congo Ebola outbreak can be controlled
“The leading Ebola expert at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Friday he believed an outbreak in Congo can be brought under control quickly and that the high rate of new cases is due largely to improved detection. … Pierre Rollins, who has studied Ebola for three decades, said he thought it could potentially be brought under control within a month or two, as authorities expand their tracing of new patients’ contacts…” (Paravicini, 10/19).

Additional coverage of the Ebola outbreak and response activities is available from Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, NPR, and PBS NewsHour (2).