Cuban Health System Offers Lessons For Prevention, Health Diplomacy

Forbes: A Look Inside Cuba’s Family Clinics
Bill Frist, former U.S. senator from Tennessee and chair of Hope Through Healing Hands

“…Over the course of three visits to Cuba in the past year I have learned much about this nation, its people, its art, and its health care system. … The heavy emphasis on prevention aligns well with the health outcomes reported in Cuba: low infant mortality (even if not as low as reported), and long life expectancy. … I’m struck by how powerful a tool health care can be for diplomacy. The differences between our country and [Cuba] are vast and complicated, but sitting down together — physician with physician — [we can] find much common ground. We can learn from one another. We love our communities and we want to build healthy habits and enable healthy choices for the people in them” (10/7).